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What we do

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Bridging the gap between
science, technology and people

Three o'clock provides real-world value across the entire research and innovation development continuum.

Raising awareness

By designing and developing effective strategies and using the right tools, we make research, knowledge and technology accessible and understandable to multiple types of audiences.

Key services

Communication strategy and tools
Visual identity, web design and management, messaging, content creation, social media management

Dissemination strategy and measures
Stakeholder mapping, conferences, events, webinars, workshops, open access, press relations

Awareness raising campaigns
Digital campaigns (web and social media), content creation, messaging, impact assessment

Camps & workshops
Bootcamps, Climate Fresk and Lego Serious Play workshops

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Capacity building

By co-designing training materials with experts and stakeholders, we boost the skills and spread the knowledge needed to build a more sustainable future.

Key services

Understanding knowledge gaps and identifying capacity needs
Stakeholder mapping, surveys, interviews, focus groups, research

Design of training materials
Webinars, workshops, MOOCs, support material (factsheets, briefs, white papers...)

Testing of training materials
Workshops, feedback sessions to improve/fine-tune training materials

Innovation camps
Strategy, content, logistics

Service design

By understanding users, we support the testing of solutions and business models to take the final products and services closer to the market.

Key services

Pilot setup and coordination
Pilot strategy, target users, user engagement, testing, concept validation, feedback

User research and market potential
Persona, journey mapping, opportunity mapping, surveys, interviews, focus groups, research analysis

Business model design
Interviews, workshops, prototyping, testing

How can we help?

From maximizing visibility and gathering insights to capacity building and designing roadmaps to the future, we can help your projects achieve greater impact.

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