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Current platforms used by EU local authorities to manage Energy Transition are heterogeneous, leading to a loss of information and difficulties to share data and engage communities. The ePLANET H2020 project targets the deployment of a new clustering governance for energy transition based on a digital framework to share harmonized information.


Capacity building





About the project

Coordinator: CIMNE
10 Partners
3 pilot sites: Girona region (Catalonia), Crete region (Greece), ZlΓ­n region (Czech Republic)

Our role

Three o'clock is leading the activities that aim to empower policy-makers, public officers and key stakeholders with the necessary tools to enable them to implement energy transition measures.
Main tasks:
  • Identify the main obstacles and barriers to ET implementation by the public sector, including technical, legal, financial and social issues, prioritise them and develop easy-to-implement strategies to overcome them
  • Develop tailored training materials on energy transition measures addressing the main requirements and needs of the different target groups, including financing strategies for the energy transition, legal governance guidelines for energy transition implementation, public procurement strategies, funding possibilities, engagement strategies, etc.

    WP leader – User empowerment

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