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NEUTRALPATH aims at demonstrating that Positive and Clean Energy Districts (PCEDs) designed and implemented under participative and human-centric principles are cost-effective and feasible solutions that contribute significantly to a city’s transformation towards climate-neutrality.


Capacity building Stakeholder & citizen engagement





About the project

25 Partners (31 in total with additional partners)
2 PCEDs: Zaragoza (Spain) and Dresden (Germany) 3 Fellow cities: Istanbul (Turkey), Ghent (Belgium) and Vantaa (Finland)

Our role

Three o’clock is leading the project’s engagement activities with local stakeholders and citizens to map out and overcome the barriers and gaps faced in achieving a zero-carbon city and set up systems and strategies to successfully achieve a Climate Neutral city.
Main tasks:
  • Setting up Climate-Neutral Labs in five cities to act as ‘living labs’ which includes establishing the lab’s structure, vision, needs and a roadmap that align with the cities’ visions of their social and governmental strategies.
  • Designing and implementing capacity building activities to empower public authorities, local stakeholders, and communities to develop administrative, financial and policy frameworks to guide the uptake of the project’s results.
  • Supporting the dissemination, communication, and social engagement activities to increase public awareness of the project’s impacts at a district level.

    WP leader – Climate Neutral Labs to citizen & stakeholder engagement

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