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About Three o'clock

Research and innovation with and for society

Co-creation and participation is more than our method – it's our mindset.

We introduce participatory design in research and innovation projects.

We strongly believe in the power of co-creation — bringing stakeholders, users and citizens into the creative development process — to get to better solutions, with more impact.

How we do it

User research

Understanding needs and challenges and mapping opportunities through interviews, testing, focus groups and surveys


Making users active players in the development of research and innovation through co-design and co-creation

Stakeholder engagement

Building relationships and strong communities through events, workshops and two-way communication

About us

Three o'clock is a social innovation agency based in Paris.
We use participatory design to better our living environment, helping researchers, engineers, innovators and public authorities develop solutions and services that address real societal needs.

We have 15+ years of experience in environment and technology-related international projects as well as national and local initiatives.

We mix our design, engineering, science, research, market and communication backgrounds to help you design and roll out the best people-centered concepts.

We co-invest in projects that we believe in and do pro bono work for local communities.

We are a Paris-based company, with staff in Bordeaux, Montpellier, Barcelona and Porto, and clients and partners in 10+ EU countries.

Meet the team

Our team has a mix of talent that includes design research, service design, engagement, engineering, business and workshop facilitation.

Eva Boo


Olga Glumac

Participatory design lead

Esti Sanvicente


Chloe Chavardes


Carla Barceló

Communications & Design #visualcommunication

Jennifer Krueckeberg

User Research Lead #userbehaviour

Evdokia Bairampa

Communications Manager

Nicole Ramírez

Communications & Design

Clients and collaborations