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Polluted water runoffs are one of the greatest threats to public health and biodiversity. D4RUNOFF will investigate these events and their impact on urban water quality.

The project will develop novel detection methods and sensors to improve monitoring of water management systems. It will also design a multi-criteria methodology and an AI-based platform to support decision-making for water utilities, urban planners and policy-makers in the design of cost-effective mitigation solutions.


Public awareness
Service design


Water management



About the project

Coordinator: VandCenter Syd As
13 Partners
3 pilot sites: Odense (DK), Pontedera (IT), Santander (ES)

Our role

Three o'clock is leading the social engagement of the three pilot sites, that will feed the design of the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities of the project. The main role of Three oโ€™clock is to ensure that the results of the project have an impact on society and achieve market uptake.

Three oโ€™clock will engage with the different stakeholders at local level in the three pilots to co-design the AI-based platform user experience. During the pilot phase, we will test and validate the user experience and the different business models designed for the results of the project.

WP leader โ€“ Dissemination, communication, social engagement and exploitation
Task leader - Co-design of AI-Assisted Platform user experience โ€ƒ

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