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RES4CITY aims to enhance the development of sustainable renewables and fuel technologies in cities by co-designing an innovative educational programme with stakeholders and promoting sustainability and circularity, filling the knowledge and skills gaps for a successful energy transition.


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About the project

Coordinator: Maynooth University
14 Partners

Our role

Three o'clock will set up and coordinate an Innovation and Stakeholder Network that will be at the heart of the RES4CITY project. The main objective of the network is to contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable solutions in urban contexts through the co-design of an industry-academia led innovative educational programme and the promotion of new knowledge and concrete actions.
  • Design and set up the network framework and the engagement activities
  • Identify, map, recruit and engagewith relevant stakeholders through local hubs led by local partners and coordinated at European level
  • Exchange with the stakeholders to identify needs, gaps, skills and overlooked challenges, to codesign and validate the RES4CITY learning and upskilling programmesin terms of content and format.
  • Enhance the development of RES and sustainable FT technologies through research and through wide dissemination of the project’s outputs to the stakeholder network

Three o'clock will also raise awareness among students by organizing and facilitating Climate Fresk workshops in universities.

WP leader – RES4CITY Innovation and Stakeholder Network

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