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We’ve grown!

It’s been a whirlwind few months! New projects mean a growing business and new team members mean a growing team. We’ve been a team of five for about a month now and are happy to introduce our newest additions, Sasha and Olga.


As our Social Media and Digital Content Editor, Sasha will reinforce our #publicawareness activities and produce engaging content for our communities. Olga joins us as our Participatory Design Lead. She will engage with active users and stakeholders to co-create solutions that address real world needs.

What’s your background/expertise?  

I’ve always worked in marketing and comms in various roles. I started in TV and media, then moved into FMCG, oscillating between the two for many years. I then decided to switch to sustainability and figure out new ways to educate and inform. 


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?  

I enjoy staying active with long walks, runs, and other workouts. I love learning about people and places through food. I own several cookbooks, my Instagram feed is 90% recipes and the science behind cooking methods, and I’m always game to try new restaurants and cuisines. I’m also a closet romantic, enjoying trashy rom coms with a big bowl of popcorn. 


Why did you choose to join Three o’clock?  

The first draw was that Three o’clock was founded by women. I want to grow professionally within a team that is encouraging and supportive. I also made a personal decision to join an industry/sector/organisation which was involved in projects aimed towards solutions for sustainability and climate change. 


#communication #dissemination #publicawareness #engagement #communityoutreach

What’s your background/expertise? 

I have worked in co-design research and innovation since 2012. My interest has always been to address complex and interrelated challenges in neighbourhoods and urban communities. I would challenge myself to create conditions to address these challenges with willing citizens and other relevant actors through building capacities in social innovation and operationalising it through co-creation.  


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

My work is my passion, but, when not working, I enjoy long walks, cycling, playing and learning alongside my kid, and being close to the water to row, swim, or enjoy the sound of waves.  


Why did you choose to join us at Three o’clock? 

Three o’clock allows me to be a dedicated professional passionate about social innovation that can give her humble contribution to some contemporary issues through co-design research and innovation. I am here to create resilient societies and a better future for everyone. 


#userexperience #servicedesign #socialinnovation #participatorydesign #capacitybuilding #citizenengagement