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Three o’clock recommends: Kids Christmas edition

With the kids home for the holidays over this frosty season, we list some of our favourite activities to keep them busy, engaged and having fun!

Let us know what you enjoyed and share yours too using the hashtag #3OCrecommends.


👶 Badaboom Kids: The board game that is going to be viral in Spain this Christmas: ‘De mayor, quiero ser…’

We can’t think of a better game for kids this Christmas!
We have been working on this side project for some months now and we are happy to announce that the game ‘De mayor, quiero ser…’ is now available online 🛍.

Badaboom Kids is an educational game that allows children to discover different professions in the city (solar panels installer or bike deliverer), and better understand their environment with all its diversity and complexity. We learnt a few lessons along the way too!

It has been a long journey, but overall, a very rewarding experience. What one day was an idea in a call to Three o’clock, today has become a recommended game and notebook by Guía AIJU, from the Badaboom Kids universe. Check our store here and share your experience with us, friends and family using the hashtag #BadaBoomKids & #3OCrecommends 😊


The Child's Brain Explained to Parents - Alvaro Bilbao (2020)

This book simplifies the neuroscience behind what is going on in a child’s brain during the first six years of life. It includes common sense, easy to understand tools and strategies that are grounded in science to help parents and educators manage the everyday challenges encountered when raising and teaching children.

We recommend it to help you understand the behavioural and developmental stages of your child.

Álvaro Bilbao, PhD., is a psychotherapist, doctor in psychology, neuropsychology, and father to three children. Trained at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Kennedy Krieger Institute, he has also collaborated with the World Health Organisation.


Mini-Mondes en voie d’illumination: Christmas in Paris

A magical experience for a Christmas afternoon with the kids, young and old. This year is focused on small animals from meadows, ponds, and forests: ants, grasshoppers, bugs, bees, worms… or even bacteria & viruses. Once you enter you have a shrink portal leading to ‘mini monde’ to discover all the different animals in their environment with music and some hot chocolate & churros, adapted for the freezing 🥶 Paris temperatures this year. Very much recommended for tourists and Parisians.

  • Where – Jardin de Plantes, Place Valhubert 75005 Paris
  • When – 14 Nov 2022 to 15 Jan 2023
  • Hours – 6pm until 9.30pm (11pm weekends & holidays)
  • How much – 15€ Adults + 12€ for 3-12Y (and free for under 3Y)