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Talk o’clock: Teresa Gimeno on urban trees

Trees in urban areas bring great benefits and have positive impacts on climate regulation, air quality, health and wellbeing. In the last years, cities across the world have been boosting their number of trees to improve livability – one of our main missions at Three o’clock. So what’s all the hype about? Can we plant any tree? This video is part of a series on a topic that we are investigating, making cities greener and using nature-based solutions to tackle the economic, societal, and environmental challenges they are facing today.

We spoke with Teresa Gimeno to have her take on urban trees. She is an environmental scientist at the Basque Centre for Climate Change, in the north of Spain. Her research focuses on the impacts of climate change on vegetation and the role of vegetation in mitigating and regulating the climate. More specifically, she studies how trees respond to global and local climatic changes. Her research contributes to developing better management plans for the vegetation in our natural ecosystems and our urban environments in future climatic and socio-economic scenarios.

Interested in Teresa’s work? Get to know more: