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What is urban farming? *New Top 5 reasons

A 14 000 m2 urban farm on the rooftop of the Parc des Expositions in Paris is set to open this summer. It will be one of the largest rooftop farms in the world, with twenty market gardens producing more than a thousand organic seasonal fruits and vegetables. The farm will offer a range of services including educational tours and team building activities, and Parisians will be able to rent plots to grow their own crops. Urban farming, or urban agriculture, is in the spotlight these days with the opening of this Parisian farm. But urban farming is not only about feeding people. Itโ€™s used as a tool to make cities more resilient environmentally by regulating the climate or mitigating flooding, and more inclusive by creating communities and social cohesion. In this series of infographics on urban farming, weโ€™ll explore what itโ€™s about and why itโ€™s beneficial for cities and their residents, but also look at the challenges and its downsides. More coming your way: connect on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to follow the series!

Infog #3: Top 5 reasons why urban farming is a good thing for cities

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Infog #2: Urban farming worldwide

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Infog #1: What is urban farming?