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DREEM at TRA 2022

From 14-17 November, over 2,200 attendees descended in Lisbon for the Transport Research Arena 2022 conference. Experts from around the world came together to discuss the newest innovations and the future of mobility and transport. 

As one of our first projects, showcasing DREEM at TRA 2022 was an exciting opportunity. The DREEM e-kickscooter was featured alongside delivery robots and demos for automated vehicles at the European Commission stand. Held at the Lisbon Conference Centre, topics were focussed on specific themes for each of the four days.

Day 1

Day one covered Smart Solutions and Society. Activities on the day addressed solutions based on connectivity and automation, offering more sustainable, inclusive mobility services. As a DREEM project partner, Eva Boo presented the paper ‘Understanding mobility profiles and e-kickscooter use in three urban case studies in Europe.’ This investigation aimed to understand mobility profiles and e-kickscooter use in three urban case studies in Europe with 398 active participants, where seven distinct mobility profiles were identified.

Day 2

On day two, the focus was on Green Mobility and Decarbonisation. To meet the ambitious goal of reducing 90% of greenhouse emissions from transport, the path to a carbon-neutral, with sustainable mobility of people and goods, requires multiple and integrated transport solutions, where research and innovation play an essential role.

The Micromobilility Flashtalks, organised for the DREEM project, addressed these topics, where five inspiring speakers addressed micromobility’s role in sustainability. These experts from across Europe covered topics around the role of micromobility in urban and rural areas, as well as the safety and inclusivity of micromobility.

Day 3

Innovative Infrastructure for Europe 2030 was the theme for day three. The goal of this is to reinforce competitiveness within Europe, while enhancing cross-border integration and operability.

On behalf of the DREEM project, Three o’clock organised an interactive co-design workshop, exploring the challenges around micromobility in six cities around Europe – Antwerp (Belgium), Brasov (Romania), Kadiköy (Turkey), Leon (Spain), San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Italy) and Tirana (Albania). Participants from all backgrounds were invited to share their ideas, working together to come up with solutions. Working together in teams, they came up with interesting business models and urban planning infrastructure ideas that will be the basis for our work in the upcoming months.

Day 4

The last day of the conference ended on discussions around Policies and Economics for a Competitive Europe. While we were not present for the last day, it was great to meet transport colleagues in the research field again after COVID-19. All our work at TRA, the paper presentation, the DREEM Flashtalks and the co-design workshop were a success, and we are so grateful for all participants and our DREEM colleagues for their support. Until next time!