What is it for?

The Sprintbox is a tool that supports organizations to ideate and design products and services that are user-centered and market-oriented.

Whether you’re organizing an innovation challenge or want to come up with ideas within your team or company, the Sprintbox will give the extra push to engage your teams and help them work on new concepts.

Every great idea starts with a problem. Our process guides your team through the different steps to spot a problem, brainstorm ideas, analyze them and validate them.

What's in it?

Inside the box you will find a pen, a customized notebook, magnetic postits, a Lego bag, and our Sprintbook. Depending on your challenge, other goodies can be added.

The Sprintbook will guide your team through the ideation and design phases.

The methodology we developed is based on 4 steps. Each step in the sprintbook includes background information and hands-on exercises to help your team move on to the next step and take their products or services further.



Fall in love with the problem, not the solution



A good idea always attracts another good idea



Spend less time talking, more time prototyping



Never… stop… testing…

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

What we offer

We offer the Sprintbox as a standalone product, or as part of our Bootcamp service. We help you organize and facilitate workshops to boost the creativity of your teams through open challenges, innovation camps or intrapreneurship programmes.

What we do

  • define the scope of your event
  • plan your internal communication activities
  • boost the engagement of your teams
  • design the workshop methodology based on your desired outputs and results
  • facilitate workshops and help your teams create the best products through design

Want to know more?

Drop us a note: chloe@threeoclock.co